At GHU, we believe in bringing people from all walks of life and having them blend to make the best of teams. We believe in team work and making teams work closely as a family would be. GHU is a home away from home. We aim to make good use of the eight hours we spend away from our families worth it. We aim to walk in with big smile and walk out with an even brighter smile. We believe that work should not be a punishment but something we look forward to.

Mrs Leticia Iguma-HRM

Our aim is to have people come and stay. We hope that each and every one will enjoy their stay with us in their different capacities like visiting fellows, students, collaborators and staff members at large. We give people an environment that’s not experienced elsewhere.

We stand for Integrity, Excellence, Team work and Beneficence. These core values are some of the reasons as to why GHU has and continues to grow.

Let’s keep the GHU flag flying high as we sore to greater heights! Kudos to the GHU family that make work beautiful!

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