A Multi-Disciplinary Research Collaboration


A Multi-Disciplinary Research Collaboration

Message from the Executive Director

Dr. Robert Opoka - ED

If you remember, about this time last year we organized a series of activities to mark 5 years of the existence of GHU. Following the success of GHU @ 5, it was decided that these celebrations become an annual event to be held every April.

We are therefore delighted to bring you this newsletter to commemorate GHU day 2017.

In this edition you will find lots of useful information about the various projects and activities that GHU is involved in. As usual the information is laced with lots of fun for your reading pleasure.

The GHU day was a celebratory event that was marked by a social corporate activity. This year we did a blood donation drive. As an organization involved in care of sick children we wanted to do our part to ensure that blood is always available in the hospitals. I therefore, extend my gratitude to all of you who came and donated blood and those who mobilized others to join this campaign .

Finally, I would like to thank all the teams for the hard work and congratulate the entire GHU family upon the completion of another GHU year. I wish you all success in all your endeavors in the coming year.

This year we are committing as GHU to be doers and not just talkers. So let’s get down to work to put into action all our project and plans. As per our core value, whatever we do, we do with excellence. So 2017, let’s do it – well . Be blessed

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