A Multi-Disciplinary Research Collaboration


A Multi-Disciplinary Research Collaboration



Global Health Uganda (GHU) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated on April 20th 2010 by Ugandan and American health scientists from Makerere University, University of Minnesota and Michigan State University.


A leading center in child health neuro development and interventions research in Uganda and beyond.


To promote child health by conducting and facilitating quality and relevant research in child health, neuro development and interventions.

Principal Activities

The principal activities of the company are that of engaging in collaborative research in child health, neurodevelopment and interventions.

Global Health Uganda seeks an experienced Internal Auditor (Firm/individual) to provide Internal Audit services.

The Internal auditor will be required to perform a wide scope of activities that will include planning and execution of compliance, financial, and operational audits to improve internal control systems and will report to the finance committee.

The objective of the internal audit is to provide independent assurance that GHUs risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating efficiently and effectively.

GHU’s internal control system comprises the whole network of systems established within the organization to provide reasonable assurance that objectives will be achieved.

To this effect, the scope of the internal audit shall cover the following areas as they are performed at the level of the Organization:

1. Governance

Provide assurance over governance processes including how GHU is directed and controlled, adequacy of processes for decision making, accountability a strategic planning, risk management and performance management.

2. Grants Management

The internal audit shall assess the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the grant’s office in administration of grant contracts and subcontracts.

3. Finance

The internal audit work shall cover the adequacy of the accounting and financial operations and reporting systems. These include budget control, cash management, certification and approving authority, receipt of funds, and disbursement of funds, currency foreign exchange management, recording of all financial transactions in expenditure reports, records maintenance and control.

4. Procurement

The internal audit work shall cover the competitiveness, transparency and effectiveness of the procurement activities of GHU in order to ensure that the Goods and services purchased meet best practices of procurement and include the following:

  • As applicable, delegations of authorities, procurement thresholds, call for bids and proposals, evaluation of bids and proposals and approval/signature of contracts and purchase orders;
  • Receiving and inspection procedures to determine the conformity of services/goods with the agreed specifications and, when applicable, the use of independent experts to inspect the delivery of highly technical and expensive equipment
  • Evaluation of the procedures established to mitigate the risk of purchasing goods/services that do not meet specifications or is later proven to be defective;
  • Management and control over the variation orders.

The internal audit work in the area of procurement shall also cover the use of consulting firms/consultants and the adequacy of procedures to obtain fully qualified and experienced consultants and assessment of their work before final payment is made.

5. Asset Management

The internal audit work shall cover equipment (typically vehicles and office equipment) purchased for use of the project.  The procedures for receipt, storage, and disposal shall also be reviewed.

6. Cash Management

The internal audit work shall cover all cash funds held by the project and review procedures for safeguarding of cash. Surprise check counts should be made.

7. Human Resources

The internal audit work shall cover the competitiveness, transparency and effectiveness of the recruitment and hiring of personnel and include performance appraisal, attendance control, calculation of salaries and entitlements, payroll preparation and payment, and management of personnel records.

8. General Administration

The internal audit work shall cover travel activities, vehicle management, office communications, and records maintenance.

9. Information Systems

The internal audit work shall cover the information and communication systems and the control and security of equipment and data.

Key Deliverables

The key deliverables for the internal audit include.

  1. Internal audit report and accompanying recommendations where weaknesses or inefficiencies are observed.
  2. Report on processes that have been improved with the technical support of the Internal Auditor.
  3. Resources Requirement: The engagement leader and team must have experience in conducting internal audits in accordance with the guidance issued by The Institute of Internal Auditors. Experience and technical expertise within the Grants management sector including risk management, internal control systems, information systems, cybersecurity, compliance, governance processes, IFRS 9 compliant and financial reporting, etc.

Submission of Expression Of Interest (EOI)

Deadline for submission of EOI is 5:00PM, 11TH March, 2022.
Please indicate the date you are available in case you are given the opportunity.

EOI should be submitted to email address;