Global Health Uganda (GHU) is a non-profit limited liability company that was formed to provide a collaborative platform for individuals and ground, through provision of the needed infrastructure for research.

We had the desire to offer professional and quality service to our collaborators, especially those whose host institutions did not have partner institutions in Uganda. Today we are proud to offer customer centered grants management services to our collaborators to ensure that the research objectives are achieved within the time and budget constraints.

Administrator & Grants Manager

Over the years, we have come to appreciate that grants management is a broad function that relates to all of the administrative tasks required to handle the money, reporting, and program implementation in a way that meets generally accepted standards as well as the funder requirements.

GHU is a hub that not only provides grants management for projects, but also participates in the conduct of multidisciplinary research. Our expertise in conducting multidisciplinary research as well as grants management allows us to provide the grants management service from A-Z, whereby we can ably handle all the aspects of a grant, both the science and the administrative.

To meet the needs of our funders and collaborators, GHU has established systems that we are continuing to strengthen to ensure regulatory compliance and best practices. For example, we aim at having an accounting system that meets the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAPs) for public and nonprofit organizations; a system of cost management and controls that ensures proper cost allocation; and a reporting system that fairly and accurately documents the spending of grant funds.

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