Child Lab

Our lab is centrally located at the Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda where we receive samples from around the country. The CHILD lab is a temperature-controlled facility with generator backup (including a standby electrical generator and backup generator to critical areas), and 24/7 site security.

Laboratory facilities include a sterile tissue culture room, cold storage (three 2-8°C refrigerators, two -80°C freezers, one -30°C freezer, and a liquid nitrogen tank). We also have a suite of proteomics equipment, including a Molecular Devices SpectraMax M3 Multi-Mode Spectrophotometer with UV/Vis absorbance, fluorescence intensity, and luminescence; a Luminex MAGPIX® instrument; and ProteinSimple Ella™ cartridge-based system that uses microfluidic technology to assess multiple analytes with the specificity of single plex immunoassays. Ella is a novel “near-patient” biomarker platform that is automated and robust, so ideal for use in resource limited settings. 

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