The CCRT (computerized cognitive rehabilitation Therapy) study is a clinical Trial, running for five years at Mulago National referral hospital. There is a study coordinator who ensures that all aspects of the study are put in practice and are followed diligently; the testers who are responsible for administering neuropsychological tests to the study participants and the trainers who are charged with the responsibility of performing the captain log’s training with the study participants.

The study works with doctors, nurses and drivers of which all have a role to play to ensure smooth running of the study. In research, data collection and quality is of great importance therefore great care is taken when filling forms. Data entry is then done by the testers and trainers. The three study groups are; those that have survived cerebral malaria, those that have survived severe malaria anemia and community controls who are children that have not suffered any of the mentioned two conditions.

In the study, children who have suffered any of the above mentioned two illnesses are compared to the community controls and here they are both randomly allocated to the treatment arms. In one treatment arm we expose the child to computer games that we think will be enhance their cognition.

They are packaged in a computer program known as “Captain’s log”. These are child friendly and are designed to be enjoyed by children of age’s 5-12years which is within the range of our children of interest. The other two treatment arms are the active control (exposed to lighter games) and passive control (no computer exposure).

Once a child qualifies for joining the CCRT study thus guided by the study inclusion and exclusion criteria, they are called up by our testers who follow the study operating procedures and enroll them in to the study, once in the study each of the participants is expected to stay in the study for 1 year and 2 months. During this time they are both tested and trained according to the randomization out comes.

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