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Violence against children is serious human rights, social and public health issue in all parts of the world and its consequences can be devastating. It has various forms – physical, emotional, sexual and occurs in rich and poor countries alike. According to the Violence against Children Survey, conducted in 2014 by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1 billion children—half of all the children in the world—are victims of violence every year. And 1 in 4 girls experience sexual violence. The  violence against children surveys (VaCs) systematically measure physical, emotional, and sexual violence against girls and boys, and identify risk and protective factors and health consequences, as well as use of services and barriers to seeking help. Violence against children is never justifiable. Nor is it inevitable. Children who experience violence are at greater risk for common and destructive yet preventable consequences, including HIV, chronic diseases, crime and drug abuse, as well as serious mental health problems. Physical and psychological punishment, verbal abuse, bullying and sexual violence in schools are repeatedly reported as reasons for absenteeism, dropping-out and lack of motivation for academic achievement.


GHU with support from OAK foundation is partnering with Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC) for the Health Sector, Education Local Expertise Centre (ELECU) for the Education sector, World Education Initiative/Bantwana for Social Development Sector, Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) and Straight Talk Foundation (STF) for Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health Subsector.


Project Name

Promoting prevention of Violence against Children in Uganda through Sector Leadership.



To promote processes for fostering recognition and commitment towards integrating prevention of Violence against Children (VAC) within selected sectors through dialogue, learning, sharing of evidence, leadership development, consensus building and local innovation.


  1. To foster commitment of various sectors (including; Health, Education, Gender, Child protection, adolescent sexuality and Reproductive Health) to integrate prevention of Violence against children.
  2. To bring together local and national leaders and practitioners to jointly explore opportunities for integrating prevention of violence against children within the identified sectors and promote multi-sectoral approach to preventing violence against children in Ugandan context.

To contribute to informing the formulation and implementation of national policies on preventing and responding to Violence against Children (VAC) in Uganda.


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