A Multi - Disciplinary Research Collaboration.

D43 Training Grant


Aim 1. Establish needed research expertise in Uganda in the areas of:

  1. Neurodevelopmental and cognitive assessment, through training of two doctoral students and

a post-doctoral fellow in neuropsychology at Makerere University.

  1. Epidemiology and pathogenesis of infection-related brain injury, through doctoral training for

epidemiology, microbiology and immunology at Makerere University, and biostatistics at the

University of Minnesota; and Masters of Medicine training for two residents at Makerere

University in translational infectious disease and neurology research.

Aim 2. Identify and implement best practices in faculty mentorship at Makerere University.

Aim 3. Build research capacity in Uganda through workshop and short-term training for medical,

laboratory, and database personnel.


Progress to date

  • Two staff members(Esther Ssebyala and Mary Simensen) were sponsored to do post graduate diplomas in management at Uganda Management Institute and graduated in March 2013.
  • The post-doctoral fellow (Paul Bangirana) completed his study in December 2013.
  • Both PhD students for neuropsychology are on board. Ann Jacquelline Nakitende and Andrew Ssemata are doing their PhDs through Makerere University. These two are currently doing their research work and are almost done with the data collection.
  • The PhD student for epidemiology (Robert Opoka) is currently in school and has research work currently going on in Jinja hospital and lira hospital. Data collection is almost done.
  • The PhD student for immunology (Benson Ouma) attained full admission from Makerere University and is in the final stages of his PhD work.
  • John Ssenkusu who is at the doctoral student for biostatistics is currently enrolled for his PhD at the University of Minnesota.
  • Victor Tumukunde completed his masters in pediatrics and child health at Makerere University. He graduated in January 2015.
  • Katumba Peter (Masters in pediatrics and child health) and Alupo Patricia (Masters in Internal medicine) completed all their class work and graduated in January 2016.
  • Three stata trainings under aim three have been carried out for the students and some staff of GHU.
  • Monthly scientific meetings are held for students and staff of GHU to exchange ideas on science and writing papers.


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